Note 1
Trekking for Mount Rinjani is open from early April through to December. Jan-March we are closed due to the rainy season
Note 2
All our treks include complimentary home stay & waterfall tour if your time allows
Note 3
We are happy to answer any queries you may have & will give you good no nonsense honest information

Environment & Guidelines

These guidelines help minimize the impact of your visit on the natural environment & also on other visitors. Help to keep the park unspoiled for future generations.

Remove rubbish :

Litter is unattractive & harmful to wildlife. Plan your trip to minimize rubbish by not taking bottles & cans.  Rinjani has a “ pack it in-pack it out” policy, so be sure to carry out of the park whatever you carry in.

Keep to the track :

By keeping to the trail you avoid trampling undergrowth & risking getting lost in the forest.

Camp with care :

When camping leave no trace of your visit.

Keep streams & the lake clean :

Wash well away from the water source by taking water in a container. Drain used water into the ground. Soap, shampoos & detergents are harmful to the creatures that live in the streams & on land so do not use them.

Fires :

Do not have fires. They are harmful to the environment & can cause serious widespread forest fires.

Respect cultural & natural heritage :

Help protect the spiritual & historical significance of Mt Rinjani by respecting our local culture. Conserve wildlife & plants by not removing anything.

Consider other visitors :

Walk quietly through the forest so that you do not disturb the wildlife that you & others have come to see.

Enjoy your visit :

Enjoy your visit & before leaving the area take one last look..will the next visitor know that you have been there?